Nothing is more terrifying to homeowners than spotting the first signs of mold.  Mold grows and spreads quickly, and professional removal should be considered right away.

For a property with significant mold growth and damage, professional removal services should be used. Professional mold remediation involves the physical removal of the spores, treatment of the area, and proactive steps to prevent future mold growth.

Once someone has decided to use a mold professional, one of the first questions they ask is “how much does it cost to remove to revolve mold?” 

Mold Removal Cost: What’s Involved?

The cost to have mold removed can range from $500 up to $5,000+. The price of professional mold removal is based on a wide range of factors:

Type of mold

  • Believe it or not, there are over 100,000 different mold bacteria types and a few of those types have the potential to be toxic to humans. The type of mold determines the removal process, safety equipment needed, and treatment process.  Toxic back mold calls for more expensive equipment and precaution compared to white and pink mold.  


  • Mold often grows in places difficult to access, making the removal process more challenging and expensive.  For hard to reach spots, the removal professional may need special equipment.  In addition, hard to reach spots require more labor to treat, also increasing the cost.
  • Geographical location also impacts the cost. For example, mold removal in San Diego, CA, may differ from what it would be in Detroit, MI.

Extent of Damage

  • The extent of damage influences the amount of work needed. Slight mold damage (for example, mold on the glass or tile surfaces) is easier to clean and therefore costs less.  Extensive damage where affected materials have to be removed and disposed requires more effort and workforce resulting in higher costs.

Repairs + Materials Costs

  • After mold removal, the property may need repairs associated with remediation and removal, such as sealing the foundation and repairing the roof.  Also, consider the cost of material and repair of damaged areas, say drywall, bathroom, or kitchen board.

Mold Inspection Cost

Depending on the laws in state in which you live, you may need to also hire a professional mold inspection company to inspect and confirm the presence of mold in your home. While these prices will vary by company and location, visual mold inspection costs about $195, and visual testing and sampling costs around $350 on average.

Most mold removal and remedial companies offer free testing, but not every mold problem needs sampling and testing. If you can see the mold, then the inspection will only find additional areas where mold is growing in the house. Certified mold remediation must do an inspection professional or an industrial hygienist.

Mold Removal FAQ

What should I do if I find black mold in my house?

Black mold is the most dangerous type of growth, leading to serious health risks.   

Caution! If you find toxic black mold, do not disturb it, as it will release millions of mycotoxin into the air countermining your space.  Call our experts right away.

Should I Hire a Professional Mold Removal Service or DIY removal?

DIY mold removal lowers the cost, but hiring a mold removal service is the best option to eliminate mold following the EPA guidelines.

Does home insurance cover mold removal?

Home insurance policies do not offer mold coverage, but will cover mold damage caused by an issue listed in the contract covers that “covered perils.”  If any of the covered perils cause mold damage, then you can claim.

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